Jaden Ivy is struggling as the Purdue Sweet 16 is out of the NCAA Tournament.

Out of the NCAA Tournament at Jaden Ivy Production Sweet 16

Purdue sophomore guard Jaden Ivy scored just nine points in the 67-64 defeat to St. Peters at Sweet 16

Recorded a maximum of six turnovers this season and 1-6 from the 3 point line

All-American sophomore Jaden Ivy ended his season in Suite 16 after not performing well against St. Peters

Ivey was placed below the double-figure only three times this season

before scoring 40 points in the first weekend of March against Peel and Texas

Ivey coughed the most this season, but the boilermakers were responsible for only six of the 15 turns

Ivey started the score for Purdue with a two-point jumper in the paint to start the game

Ivey had just one of two shots in the first half

When Ivey had 11 minutes left to play the second basket, he shot 2-5 from the floor and went into the locker room