Pascal Siakam voiced Joel Embed's Game 4 actions.

Following the success of the 76ers' Season Song Game 4, Reuters forward Pascal Siakam had something to say about Joel Embiid.

Siakam told reporters that he had taken an exemption from the embedded measures during Saturday's game.

The MVP candidate appeared to be significantly disappointed with Toronto's physical defense throughout the contest.

Got a technical error after pushing Siakam.

The mistake was made when Siakam was trying to get a late timeout in the fourth quarter.

 "I'm cool to talk about, I don't want dirty drama," Siakam said, according to LeSenberg of TSN Sports. "I do not like it.

In addition to seeing the team fail to make a clean sweep in the first round, Embed's frustration with the referees added.

It was a difficult night for the Sixers star.

The referee's treatment of embed has been the subject of a hot button ever since.

Instead of reporting his grievances to the media on Saturday, Embed decided to take a brief look at his actions.

Siakam and Raptors will return to Philadelphia after keeping their season alive.

They will try to avoid the ending in which there is sure to be a physical game 5 against the 76ers of Amnesty on Monday night.