Portugal's hopes of qualifying for the World Cup are alive.

Portugal beat Turkey 3-1 in the semi-finals of the UEFA World Cup to advance to the 2022 World Cup.

 Portugal took a crucial opening lead through 27-year-old Porto Jomla!

Portugal took a 2-0 lead over Turkey in the first half.

After that, Turkey remained fearless with a double deficit.

The hosts then halved the lead to 65 minutes. This time York Yilmaz competed against Genghis Unders to bring their team back to the final.

VAR gave Turkey a chance to equalize from the penalty spot but it did not work.

٘ Matheus Nunes reduced Portugal's fears by scoring in the second half.

"I was not angry with the team but the players played well today," Santos told reporters.

Portugal's next match will be against Northern Macedonia.

Northern Macedonia had earlier beaten Turkey 1-0 on Tuesday to advance to the 2022 World Cup.

"We need to show the same respect for northern Macedonia as we do for Italy," Santos said.