Season 2 of Squid Game has been confirmed in the first teaser.

The Korean thriller has suddenly become the biggest season in Netflix history

The Korean thriller Netflix has become one of the biggest shows of the show, be it in English or any other language.

In the first 28 days of Netflix, its rotation was seen at 1.65 billion hours.

The competition was the largest English language series on Netflix.

Bridgerton Season 2 was viewed on Netflix for only 656 million hours.

Bridgerton Season 2 has been viewed on Netflix for almost a billion hours less than Squid Game.

Now it looks like Season 2 of Squid Game won't be far behind.

Season 2 of Netflix has a lot of hints and a very short teaser.

The squid game season took just 12 days to become popular on Netflix.

In Season 2 of Squid Game, you will also be introduced to Young-Hee's boyfriend Chevel-Susa.

Guy Hunn played the lead role in the Squid Game season, as did Lee Jung.

Netflix has not yet announced when the premiere of Squid Game 2 will take place.