Online websites, including Spotify and Discord, were shut down on Tuesday

When this problem occurred, Spotify then signed out the user's account

Most users complained that Spotify had signed them out

Down Detector, which tracks internet disruptions, registered more than 170,000 reports of problems with Spotify

The issue started at 10:00 am and continued till 10:30 am

Spotify then tweeted at 11:39 a.m. about the issue

Spotify tweeted an update: "Everything looks much better now! If you still need help

 Discord, an online messaging platform, confirmed it was also experiencing issues

The company tweeted, “We’re aware of an issue causing message failures and are working on a fix,” before joking, “time to go outside everyone.”

The Discord issue also started around 9:16 and its bugs will start to be reported

After a few minutes the problem was solved and everything was fine