St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in Covington two years later.

On St. Patrick's Day, crowds of people were out in full force.

The whole crowd was enjoying the day with enthusiasm.

People cheered and drank shots of whiskey and a sip of green beer served by bartenders wearing kilts.

On St. Patrick's Day, Hotch Lane traveled all the way from Lamarck, Ireland to celebrate.

On this St. Day, people made this day memorable by participating in many celebrations.

On this day many people go to Chicago and some go to Taj Mahal.

Comparing local events to Ireland, he said, "It's the same.

On the occasion of this St. Day, Shanki said that the staff is also happy. People are making money, "he said.

Sarah Smith said in Nicholson. "This year seems to have returned to normal. It feels relaxed, and exciting."