Kevin Durant Did Something He's Never Done In His Career On Sunday

Kevin Durant had a career-high 16 assists in the Brooklyn Nets win over the Indiana Pacers

Kevin Durant had a triple-double scoring 20 points, grabbing ten rebounds and dishing out 16 assists.

His assists total for the day is a career-high for his NBA career surpassing his previous high of 14.  

The Nets have a record of 44-38

Finished his season as the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference.

They will play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the play-in tournament on Tuesday

Tweet: Kevin Durant on parts of his game being "found" like his playmaking & one-legged jumpers:

Tweet: "I feel like I've been an elite passer since [2013]. Last game, a few of my friends were like 'yo, you start shooting one-legged shots?' I'm like 'what the f--k, where have y'all been?'"