Tweet after Chris Paul's Game 4

On Sunday afternoon, the Phoenix Sanz Game 4 lost to Dallas Marox in Texas.

The second play round of this game 4 lost to Phoenix Sons Dallas Moreks by a score of 111-101 in the playoff series.

This game of Game 4 was completely controlled by MAV from the beginning.

Chris Paul has suffered problems due to misconduct during most of the game.

Game 4 was dismissed by the future Hall of Famil in the middle of the fourth quarter of this game.

Had to see his team losing at the end of this game

After the game, Paul sent a tweet about something that apparently happened to his family members and Mavs fans.

The tweet had to go viral and like 25,000 in an hour.

Paul said in the tweet that "they want the fans to fix the players when they say something, but the fans can hand over our families."

The series is now 2-2 after Sonz won the first two-year-old.

MAVS opened fire on the next two games in Texas.