Uber will feature NYC Taxi Cab in its app.

 Uber has agreed to integrate New York City's famous yellow taxis into its app.

The agreement will be implemented in the spring.

Under the agreement, 14,000 taxis will be available to Uber customers.

Under the agreement, Curb Mobility and Creative Mobile Technologies will integrate their software with Uber.

In the meantime, both companies can be housed using smartphone apps.

In the meantime, Uber will have access to a much larger customer base. This can translate into more money for annoyed taxi drivers.

New York City has been Uber's battleground with the taxi industry for years.

The arrival of Uber a decade ago saw a decline in the yellow taxi business.

The taxi owners argued that Uber had violated the rules and looked as helpless as the riders and drivers on the platform.

The taxi industry has tried its hand at copying Ober's success.

During this time many other apps like GetTaxi, Hailo, and Taxi Magic tried to copy the Uber model but failed.

According to the new agreement, tensions could be reduced.

Riders will be able to book trips in taxis that are connected to the curb or arrow.

Two smartphone applications are owned by Curb Mobility and CMT.

The two companies jointly operate the entertainment and payment system in all yellow and green taxis in New York City.