UPS driver hangs his uniform after 34 years

Last week was the deadline for UPS delivery.

John Bicherl retired after driving a large brown truck around Czechoslovakia for almost 34 years.

John Butcher drove a large brown truck around Czechoslovakia for about 34 years and retired.

The last day of Bicherl's retirement was Friday.

The first Bicherl started his first day in September 1988.

Delivery in the town at the beginning had only two shelves in the back of the truck.

But now they load their truck several times a day.

During all these years, Bicherl has driven UPS for about 3 million miles.

Bicherl has been a member of the UPS Circle of the Year. Which is a good sign.

A milestone for drivers who have reached the age of 25 years or more without an accident.

Bicherl has been a safe driver for 26 years.

The company has released a statement saying, "Bicherl says he will remember the comedy at UPS and see his customers smiling.