Warriors vs Grizzly Game 2 Injury Report

Game 1 is very high between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Avoidance Lease.

Their Game 2 also brings a lot of excitement, but there are some reports to report.

Golden State Warriors Andre Egodala and James Wiseman both suffered injuries.

Andy Egodala will be ruled out due to a cervical disc injury and James Wireman due to a right knee injury.

It looked like Clay Thompson would get a chance due to a knee injury but he is now officially available.

Some players are still listed in the injury report for the Grizzlies.

Steven Adams is out of the game due to health and safety protocol.

Santa Aldama is out due to pain in his right knee.

Desmond Bean is not available due to lower back pain.

Kalyan is out due to pain in the lower back of Tully.

Zair Williams is out of the game due to pain in his right knee.

The biggest factor in this report is the health of Desmond Bean. But avoidance leases will require them.

Game 1 has proved to be a bit of a disappointing loss for Lease. Because Dreammond Green was fired very quickly.

The Grizzlies have the potential to return to the game sometime in the final series against the Minnesota Timberwolves.