Warzone Confirms Battle Pass Fix is Coming

Ewen continues to address a number of key issues in the software call of duty

Raven acknowledges these issues

Warzone's battle pass appeared to be ignored for several weeks, but has now garnered the attention of Raven

As time went on, more and more players began to feel that there was something wrong with the Call of Duty

The players saw that the other players who played less were ahead of them in the fight

This criticism mostly spread in March and has persisted throughout the month

Yet Raven Software has only acknowledged the issue now

On Thursday, March 31, Raven posted a message can be seen Next Page

Warzone players aren't' receiving the correct amount of Battle Pass XP

The update will mean that it is working on fixing

It's also possible that it's only just starting to investigate, and a fix could be weeks or months away