A Magnificently Elaborate Weird Al Pinball Machine Is Coming With 17 of His Best Parodies

Yankovic has developed a pinball game with the modular pinball maker Multimorphic called Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity.

This machine contains 17 different weird songs

 including “White & Nerdy,” “Like A Surgeon,” and “Word Crimes” — and over 2000 custom callouts from Al

These voices are from the long career of the most successful parody musician ever

They are going to sell two different versions of the machine, the first comes with a standard edition kit with blue artwork, and the second comes with a limited edition kit.

Multimorphic is the first company to create a table featuring Weird Al's great work

The table also includes countless items and imagery from movies, shows, and music videos recorded by the musician.

No release date has been confirmed yet

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