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What is Turbidity Sensor in a Dishwasher | Symptoms

What is a turbidity sensor in a dishwasher and does a dishwasher turbidity sensor work? Dishes are thoroughly cleaned by putting soap and water in the dishwasher and running hot water to kill bacteria. With the help of a turbidity sensor, the amount of dirt left on the plates after washing in the dishwasher is measured. This sensor then slows down the dishwasher cycle depending on the thickness of the dishes.

What is a Turbidity Sensor in a Dishwasher

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Turbidity Sensor Benefit

If your dishwasher is cleaning dishes slowly, that is, taking a very long cycle to finish, your dishes are dirtier. Your kitchen’s dishwasher is operating properly. You can see how dirty your dishes are thanks to a sensor inside the dishwasher. Your dishwasher’s cycle is adjusted as a result.

Disadvantages without Turbidity Sensor

Sometimes the sensor in the dishwasher breaks down, causing the cycle to length unnaturally. If your dishwasher is producing clean water, you should inspect it.

DD32-00010A Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor

Various Samsung Models

How do I clean the turbidity sensor on my dishwasher?

  • You must first open the dishwasher door in order to fix this sensor. Then remove the screw from your door.
  • After that, you must remove a soundproofing pad and access panel.
  • You can see the sensor underneath the dishwasher. It must be turned clockwise.
  • If you wish to install a new sensor, you may attach it here and attach it again with the dishwasher after removing the wire that is attached to it.

Best Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor

What is a Turbidity Sensor in a Dishwasher

What are the symptoms of a bad turbidity sensor?

  • The water is flowing in the dishwasher properly but the water is not released through the dishwasher pump.
  • Not properly dissolving soap in water.
  • Your dishwasher cycle is getting longer but the water coming out of the dishwasher is coming clean.

If your dishwasher is showing these symptoms then your dishwasher turbidity sensor is bad so you have to fix it quickly.

What are the symptoms of a bad turbidity sensor?

What Does Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor Do?

The sensor in the dishwasher has the purpose of allowing the quantity of light to be utilized to calculate the amount of water. The length of time the utensils should spend in the dishwasher’s wash cycle is determined by the sensor.

What happens if Turbidity is too high?

Lakes and streams can lose a lot of their visual appeal due to excessive turbidity. The price of purifying water for drinking and food processing may go up as a result.