What is Turbidity Sensor in a Dishwasher | Symptoms

What is a Turbidity Sensor in a Dishwasher The dishes are thoroughly washed by mixing soap and water in the dishwasher and hot water is used to kill the germs. When washing dishes in the dishwasher it is estimated how dirty they are and uses light for this.

What is a Turbidity Sensor in a Dishwasher

The turbidity sensor uses light to measure the dirt in the water. The turbidity sensor is fitted in the dishwasher to detect the dirt in it and to clean the utensils properly. The turbidity sensor dishwasher also measures the dirt in the wastewater according to which the dishwasher adjusts its cycle.

Turbidity Sensor Benefit

If your dishwasher is washing dishes slowly, that is, taking a very long cycle while washing the dishes, it means that your dishes are dirtier. There is nothing wrong with your dishwasher. Inside the dishwasher is a sensor that tells you how dirty your utensils are. It drives your dishwasher cycle accordingly.

  • Specifications
  • Part Number
  • 165D6042P003
  • Rated Voltage
  • DC 5V (between No #4 & Ground)
  • Voltage Differential
  • 2.9V ± 20%
  • Test Method
  • After testing voltage in water (0 NTU),
  • -30°C ~ 80°C
  • Storage Temperature Range
  • -10°C~ 80°C
  • Resistance
  • B Value
  • Rated Current
  • Max. 30 mA
  • Min 100 MΩ by 500V DC

If the dishwasher is not cleaning the utensils properly and is taking out the dirty utensils then the turbidity sensor of your dishwasher is damaged.

Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor

Edgewater Parts WPW10705575, AP6023867, PS11757214 Compatible with Whirlpool

DD32-00010A Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor

Various Samsung Models

Disadvantages without Turbidity Sensor

Sometimes the dishwasher’s sensor malfunctions, causing it to lengthen the cycle abnormally. You should check the water coming out of your dishwasher if it is coming clean. This means that the dishwasher’s sensor It’s broken. What is a Turbidity Sensor in a Dishwasher

Symptoms of Bad Turbidity Sensor

If your dishes remain dirty after the automatic Cycle of the dishwasher, you may find that your Dishwasher’s Turbidity Sensor has been damaged. Now you need to replace it. If you see rust somewhere in a turbidity sensor. The used Turbidity Sensor is rusty which can also be caused by water.

How do I clean the turbidity sensor on my dishwasher?

  • To Fix Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor First you have to open the dishwasher door. Then open the screw attached to your door.
  • Then you have to open an access panel and sound dampening pad.
  • Under the dishwasher, you will see the Turbidity Sensor. You have to rotate it clockwise.
  • Then you have to remove the wire attached to it and if you want to install a new sensor, you can attach it here and attach it again with the dishwasher.

Best Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor

What is a Turbidity Sensor in a Dishwasher

What are the symptoms of a bad turbidity sensor?

  • The water is flowing in the dishwasher properly but the water is not released through the dishwasher pump.
  • Not properly dissolving soap in water.
  • Your dishwasher cycle is getting longer but the water coming out of the dishwasher is coming clean.

If your dishwasher is showing these symptoms then your dishwasher turbidity sensor is bad so you have to fix it quickly.

What Does Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor Do?

The function of the sensor in the dishwasher is that the amount of light in it can be used to determine the amount of water. The dishwasher sensor determines how long the utensils should run in the dishwasher wash cycle.

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