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Wordle Answer For Today | #588 Wordle Hints (28 January 2023)

Today’s Wordle answer is completely different. Wordle has taken the gaming world by storm. This gives you a new word every day. Which is to be solved in easy mode 3.8 steps and 4.9 hard mode steps. If you’re as confused as I am, you’ve spent a lot of time staring at the board.

If you are facing problem due to Wordle game. So for that we are here to help you. At we show you the best strategies on how to play Wordle. So we hope our advice will be good for you.

Wordle game has taken the gaming world by storm. It has kept many people glued to their phone screens. Playing this puzzle game is not very difficult but many people get confused. In this game you have to guess a 5 letter word. This is a game that really makes you want to play the game every day.

We at Wordle have tons of great tips and tricks to share. All these combinations help you find your words. You have also analyzed Wordle answer after which we have some suggestions for you which if you go through you will find a perfect path for you. If you are new to the game we also tell you about it.

We daily help you to find Wordle answer today 12 January 2023 this article is updated daily. First we gave you a hint for this but if you want to see the full answer then you will get that too. If you’re really stuck while trying the puzzle and don’t have enough time to complete it, Wordle answers are provided for you. Also, if you’re reading this first one in a different time zone, you’re treated to an analysis experience of his first puzzle #572.

How Wordle works

If you are new to this game then you must know how wordle works. In the Wordle game, you have to make a five-letter word in six tries. If you have written a complete and correct word, it will show you the individual letters in different colors. In which each color has a different meaning.

  • Green: If you see a green letter in any box, it means that it is 100% correct letter in its correct place.
  • Gray: Characters in gray are not included in the Wordle response. So don’t go back to your vocabulary and look up the letters and reuse them in your next word.
  • Yellow: Characters that appear in this color are used in your Wordle word but are not in the correct place.
Wordle Answer For Today

The aim is to highlight exactly the correct word in your given 6 attempts. If you don’t get a response in all these attempts, you lose.

Today #588 Wordle Answer Hints Help You Solve It

The word we used to play catch-up yesterday was Sedna. We have a word clue for today’s #588 Wordle answer. You can get started with Jess. But if you must see its full word, it is also provided below.

  • It is a noun.
  • When children play in the mud, they tend to overdo themselves, which can often lead to reprimands from their homes.
  • It starts with a “L” word.

If you want to know the whole word apart from just the sign, you have to read further down. Now it’s time to scroll down to find out the whole word.


What is today’s Wordle answer to game #572?
The answer to today’s word (Puzzle #588 on January 28) is LEAPT.

Today I started the puzzle with my all-time favorite, Wordle. Which is a word of KLUTZ. When I typed my strongest word, the “L” and “T”in it turned yellow, then I realized it was mandatory in Word. After that I again used the word WETLY in which I got the letter “E” which turned Green..

Now for the third time I wrote the word LEPTA with the LE found in the right place and P,T,A appeared as the new word. Now I used the word LEAPT keeping these four letters in intelligent. Then the word LEAPT is the right word for you.

As in the image above you will see the answer to today’s Wordle word which is named LEAPT and means very dirty.

What is the Wordle 588 answer?

The answer to today’s wordle (Puzzle #588 on January 28) is LEAPT.


Today’s Wordle answer is above, but if you’re reading this, it’s yesterday’s Wordle answer #571. The word used in the answer is SEDNA.

Yesterday’s puzzle started with his favorite word, power. He was worried that the answer might be difficult but the color of the R had changed. After which I wrote a word again and in that too I got Wordle hint. After which I got the answer on my fourth attempt.


Sometimes you need old wordle answers to make it easier we have provided you a list of 20 games below. You can view your past 20 days of answers with its help.

  • Wordle #571: SEDNA
  • Wordle #570: GRIMY
  • Wordle #569: PIXIE
  • Wordle #568: OPERA
  • Wordle #567: LEMON
  • Wordle #566: BELIE
  • Wordle #565: SLEEK
  • Wordle #564: LAYER
  • Wordle #563: ANTIC
  • Wordle #562: SKIRT
  • Wordle #561: WHINE
  • Wordle #560: MANLY
  • Wordle #559: MOLAR
  • Wordle #558: HAVOC
  • Wordle #557: IMPEL
  • Wordle #556: CONDO
  • Wordle #555: JUDGE
  • Wordle #554: EXTRA
  • Wordle #553: POISE
  • Wordle #552: AORTA
  • Wordle #551: EXCEL

Wordle FAQ

Just like there are some questions about everything, so you will have some questions about wordle game, all of them are surely answered below, which may also answer your question.

What are Wordle’s Rules?

Below you will find the official rules.

  • In this game 6 attempts are given to guess the WORDLE.
  • Each time you have to write a correct 5 letter word, if a word is not correct, it will not increase when you press the enter button.
  • Whenever a word is written, it changes to different colors after entering. Each color represents one of them. Which shows how close the word is to the guess.

If you are using any word then by all means but remember that whatever word you are using must be completely correct and also let me tell you that you can use that word or letter twice. For example, the word “BUZZY” has a double Z. But it can trip you up if it assumes a character is allowed.