Why are PS4 Controllers still so expensive

It is expensive mainly because it has more features and it is very comfortable. Bluetooth is also used in the PS4 controller. The controller uses good technology which makes it more expensive. Also, there are many reasons why it is expensive. Which are mentioned in this article.

Why Are PS4 Controllers So Expensive?

Because it must be made using the best materials and takes more time and labor to produce, the PS4 controller is more expensive to produce and must be priced higher to cover the additional costs. Is. Following are all of the explanations for the bench’s high price.

1. Excellent Design and Materials

The PS4 controller is extremely important in the market. It also costs more than other controllers. This controller is made of valuable and long-lasting materials. Despite being made of aluminum and plastic, the controller is lightweight. This controller’s plastic material is very expensive.

This controller’s design is excellent, and it is very comfortable to hold. Its buttons function flawlessly. The PS4 controller is designed to be comfortable enough for extended periods of gaming without fatigue. Its buttons respond quickly, which is necessary for the game to be enjoyable. It is made of high-quality materials.

2. Third-party manufacturers of PS4 controllers

Third-party manufacturers also produce PS4 controllers. This results in a high manufacturing cost. Because it is more functional and has a better design. As a result, the controller is more expensive.

Sony is the exclusive brand of PS4 with these four official brands: Razer’s Raiju, Wired Compact pads, and Nacon’s Revolution Pro PS4. Aside from that, any branded PS4 is manufactured by a third party.

3. Assembling the PS4 is difficult

Because the PS4 has so many buttons and touchpads, it takes a long time to get used to. The controller has approximately 15 buttons, as well as a touchpad and two triggers. It also has a light, a battery, and a USB charging port.

They also require a proper mold to properly fit all of them. They take time to install because forcing all of their parts to fit can affect their accuracy.

Because of the large number of parts in the controller, adjusting it would take about an hour. The longer it takes to adjust, the higher the cost appears to be.

4. Soft light Bar

The controller’s light is located on the front of the device. Assists you while playing various games. This light is extremely useful when playing games like Call of Duty. Without looking at the controller, the player can determine the direction by using this light.

This light assists the player in identifying teammates during multiplayer games. Lights up the same color as the player in the game. This color code is represented by the icon on the screen.

5. Fantastic Touchpad

The touchpad on the PS4 controller is a huge plus. It employs various modes. These mods provide gamer support that this controller should have. The touchpad can function as a mouse or joystick.

In addition to the mouse, the touchpad contains the share, option, and home buttons. The touchpad does not have to be used as a mouse; it can also be used as a touch screen. The controller is expensive because it has so many features.